Chairman’s Message

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"Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph; a beginning, a struggle and a victory."

How true are Gandhi’s words and illustrative of the rise of Comium and its ambitions to transform telecommunication into a true agent of positive change for the developing nations of Africa and elsewhere.

Thanks to the efforts and hard work of the Comium Group family of employees, the company has succeeded in reaching new heights in the last few years, propelling it into the realm of the world’s major telecom service providers.

While we are proud of the milestones we have managed to reach, in terms of the number of subscribers our GSM division has acquired or the number of countries in which Comium is present and operates, statistics are seldom the end in themselves.

What we at Comium care about is touching peoples’ lives and making a positive difference. A difference in bringing people closer together, shattering communication barriers, and helping develop the communities we are a part of through the powers of ICT.

Our philosophy and commitment to making a difference by reaching out and working together with all our stakeholders is thus our driving force and our guiding principle, be it in our collaboration with our customers, our employees, our partners, our suppliers or our shareholders.

“Togetherness” is therefore not simply a word we frame in our offices, it is a way of living and a way to approach problems and to find solutions.

Comium truly believes in the power of corporate social responsibility to change not only communities but the essence of a company and its people, making them more open to the possibilities and partnerships that lie in their societies and environments. That is why corporate social responsibility, a commitment by an organization to contribute to the communities it is a part of, is a core value and a cornerstone of Comium’s foundation and vision.

Comium today is present in over fifteen countries and is still expanding, with its GSM division operating in four African nations servicing over two million customers. Yet, our aim is not to stop at these achievements but to continue to fulfill the needs of people around the world for communication by working hand in hand as together, we are surely better.