Sierra Leone

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At Comium Sierra Leone, we offer unrivalled, innovative services and customer support that have made our operations an integral part of Leonean society.  Comium has become a household name in Freetown and around the country, and with more than 637,000 customers served, our reputation for service quality, trustworthiness and reliability has made us the number one operator with a 34% share of the market.
Comium Sierra Leone was launched in March 2005, offering both pre-paid and post-paid GSM voice, and eventually adding GPRS data to our range of services.  With an unrelenting network build out, we now enjoy a nationwide footprint that provides service to over 81% of the population. Comium Sierra Leone continues to delight by offering Leoneans and visitors global customer mobility with 247 international roaming partners worldwide premium SMS content, ring back tones, and internet access.  For our business customers, we manage each customer’s communication costs through innovative, cost-efficient, closed user group services (VPN), post-paid dedicated account management and itemized, single point of billing. Inter-branch communications are also easily and reliably facilitated through our unique, leased E1 service.
Comium Sierra Leone’s achievements have come about without compromising our reputation among community and industry experts and officials for the highest level of service.  We are widely regarded as a case study in ethical business practices in emerging markets, contributing responsibly towards International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and regulator initiatives for rural telecommunications, anti-fraud and customer development.
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