Wigo Liberia

C-Data recognized the need for Internet access in Liberia, where the market was underserved and a large demand for quality Internet service was unmet.

In 2006, we launched Wireless Internet service in the capital of Liberia, Monrovia. Our product offering caters to both corporate and residential markets, with dedicated speeds reaching 1Mbs of dedicated or shared access, depending on the needs our customers.

Now Liberians are enjoying a portable, reliable and affordable, high speed, instant Internet access and wireless Data connectivity. Using Cisco’s solutions, C-Data is offering services of the highest quality and standards.

At present and in a relatively short time span, C-Data has achieved the number 1 position in the market, where we have served over 2,000 subscribers and are continuing to expand our network and coverage enabling substantial and accelerated growth. Among our distinguished list of subscribers in Liberia, C-Data is proud to serve Government agencies, NGOs and the United Nations.

With an Internet account, subscribers enjoy free email account with access on the web, as well through POP3 compatible email platform.

C-Data has standardized the deployment of all of its networks on the 2.5GHz frequency band, and C-Data Liberia is no exception. With more than 60MHz of bandwidth, C-Data offers its subscribers a larger variety of services and choices. C-Data also provides tailored solutions to its corporate customers on a dedicated network using the 3.5GHz frequency band.

At present C-Data Liberia is using Broadband network solutions from Cisco Navini. However, C-Data is currently undergoing vendor selection to rollout a Broadband network using the most recent Wireless Broadband networking standards.

For more information, please visit us at www.comium.com.lr and click on Broadband Services.