Our Innovations

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Comium’s drive for innovation is at the heart of everything we do as a Group, from our approach to customer care to the way we develop our products and services, as we seek to tailor our solutions to our different customers in a way that makes their lives easier and brings a smile to their face every day.
Our innovations mean that our customers around the globe get what they need whether in the form of the most reliable telephony and data solutions or through added value services that allow them to do business, stay in touch with their friends and family, and access information and entertainment on the go, no matter where they are in the world.
Our innovations also mean that we are always reaching out to customers through our unique customer care that brings them everything from a 24/7 call center to a concierge service for VIP customers.
At Comium, we have been the pioneers in many of our markets, introducing innovative services from Voice SMS to GPRS, bringing the best technology to the customers we serve.
Moreover, we at Comium strive to continuously innovate the way we do business, ensuring efficiency through pioneering distribution channels.
Our portfolio of mobile and data services includes:

Voice Mail
Since our aim is to minimize our customers’ daily worries, we offer them our Voice Mail System (VMS) service for private or business calls. This service provides them with a mailbox that registers all of their voice messages when they are out of reach or unable to answer their calls.
Home Zoning
Our unique home zoning service allows our customers to take advantage of preferred rates when at home and in their community, allowing them to stay in-touch around the clock.
Entertainment Services
Comium’s innovation also extends to the realm of mobile entertainment services, allowing customers to check their horoscopes and the news, download new ringtones and logos, get weather reports to better plan their days and much more… With Comium, mobile phones are no longer just calling devices but tools to access a world of entertainment.
Voice Messaging (Voice SMS)
Comium made a breakthrough in many of its markets when it introduced Voice Messaging, enabling customers to send a Voice Message with their own voice as easily as any text message. In addition to being quick and instantaneous, this service relieves customers from having to compose a text message.
Electronic Top Up
Comium’s innovation has also led to greater flexibility for customers, as we introduced the e-voucher giving our customers an opportunity to top-up their phones electronically with any amount of money at any of thousands of points of sale, without being bound to fixed amounts.
Mobile Internet (General Packet Radio Service – GPRS)
Comium was the first to introduce GPRS technology in many of its markets keeping customers connected anytime, anywhere with either their handset or the laptop computer, and on the go.
Mobile Money Transfer (MMT)
At Comium we are constantly introducing new services as we are currently testing a new Mobile Money Transfer system, which will allow our customers to transfer money from their mobile phones via bank services to friends, family and colleagues anywhere in the community. It’s an easy and friendly way to conveniently send money anytime, anywhere, even to people who may not have access to a bank account.
Concierge Services
Our unparalleled Concierge Service allows discerning customers to have a personal assistant at the touch of a button on their mobile phone. Our Concierge Service provides personal assistance for information, reservations, travel, meetings, messaging, emergency and many other activities to keep the busy executive organized when on the go.