The group’s bandwidth operations use the very latest turnkey satellite-based advances to provide fast growing markets with services and comprehensive solutions that span three continents and reach the most remote locations.

Founded in 2001, Transtrum offers a variety of turnkey satellite-based services satisfying the needs of established and fast-growing markets alike with end-to-end solutions throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Taking full advantage of its satellite network and keen on staying up-to-date with all cutting-edge technological developments in both the networking and satellite communications world, Transtrum provides only the best in quality and reliable communications services. The company’s after sale support is second to none, which has built its flawless international reputation, and ingrained in everything Transtrum does is the company’s solid belief in a partnership for life with its clients.

Transtrum’s satellite solutions begin with its simple mission of providing its clients, with communications connectivity whenever they want and wherever they are. Transtrum’s enthusiastic and fully dedicated implementation teams, supported by our 24/7 network operation center, distinguish Transtrum as the leaders in satellite services. Transtrum aspires to be its clients’ reliable, dependable and most trusted VSAT/Connectivity partner. With Transtrum you can rest assured you are connected.