We’re Better Together

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At Comium, we have taken on the challenge of going beyond the simple financial equation to focus on providing our stakeholders with the means to fulfill their ambitions.

We firmly believe that our success is inherently linked to our commitment to establish an organization with a social conscience, one that works together with people from all backgrounds, with the aim of improving their lives and the place they call their home.

Togetherness is thus the value which drives and shapes our corporate culture, encouraging respect towards one another and a thorough commitment to communities, customers, the environment, innovation, and quality. In fact, Togetherness not only maintains a healthy balance sheet, but it strengthens our organization, sustains and develops the communities in which we operate, and preserves the environment in a world to which we all belong.
Togetherness is also the value which delineates and defines our approach to customer care, whereby our clients and customers are intrinsic to our success and are the focus and the core of our operations.

But most of all, Togetherness represents an attitude and a belief in the virtues of partnership, as only through mutual collaboration can we achieve our goals and ambitions.

Togetherness is ultimately reflected across our organization as a whole and is lived and experienced daily in everything we do.

Togetherness in our Customer Care
At Comium, we don’t have subscribers, we have partners and we anticipate our partners’ needs long before they reach us. By being close to them, listening to their concerns and providing them with efficient and tailor-made solutions, we ensure that our customer is always king.
Our commitment to customers has translated into a panoply of innovative services that we have pioneered and introduced throughout the years, such as C-Mobile’s launch of e-vouchers or Voice SMS in our operations in Africa, or C-Data’s introduction of WiMax technology in many countries across the world.
Togetherness in our Corporate Culture
At Comium, we believe that our success is first and foremost a result of the dedication of our team members, across all continents, to work together, side by side, towards achieving a common set of goals through a common set of values. From our Chairman to our newest intern, we all seek to learn from each other’s experiences and to leverage the diversity that has characterized our Holding ever since its inception.
Togetherness in our Product & Service Innovation
Innovation is at the core of Comium’s Togetherness philosophy, as we strive to always surpass our customer’s expectations by offering them products and services on the cutting edge of the latest technology.
Whether in launching new mobile or data services or in instituting policies and programs aimed at enhancing stakeholders’ experiences, innovation remains a cornerstone of the Holding’s corporate strategy and a pillar of its commitment to improving people’s lives
Togetherness in our Partnerships
At Comium, we realize the fundamental value and the important role of our partners in helping us achieve and maintain our success and in helping us get to where we are today.
It is through such collaborative efforts and a willingness to share know-how and expertise that we have been able to provide our clients with state-of-art and innovative products and services that meet and exceed their every needs.
Togetherness in our Communities
“We’re better together” takes on a deeper meaning when we collaborate with communities, which is why Comium today is continuously involved in socially responsible activities, ranging from health care to poverty alleviation and education. By working together with community members, Comium strives to help enhance people’s lives across the markets it serves.