Local Empowerment

Our commitment to the communities we serve goes beyond providing quality services and products. We draw our strength and our competitive edge from our talented team of collaborators in all of our countries of operations.

In fact, our team members are very valuable to us and are the heart of our operations, driving us to recruit talented individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and walks of life, especially from our local communities where their local insights and knowledge are key in helping us serve our customers in the best way possible.

Comium’s team members not only add to our own capabilities, but we also work to develop the talents of our employees and management, offering continuous education, training,

and long-term career opportunities, which can empower our team members, helping them in turn play an important role in their communities.

In many of our markets of operation, Comium was the first global telecom company to recognize the value of local talent and the first to appoint local executives to the head of our management, as we truly believe in our motto that “we’re better together” in everything we do and that we can only succeed by working across cultures and geographical boundaries, ultimately empowering our employees and all of our stakeholders, helping them reach their full potential